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What My Workshops Can do for You

The Tough Interview

Perhaps you've felt the panic before? You're just finished with a presentation and walking out the door when a reporter sticks a microphone in your face and asks you a question that immediately quickens your heart rate, raises your blood pressure and causig you to instantly sweat?

Just like any other part of public speaking, there are tricks you can learn to evade tough questions while still getting your key points across, while NOT looking like a fool.

The Canned Presentation

You need to prepare a presentation. You spend hours on the PowerPoint slides, but you notice your audience starting to fidget as your presentation enters what you consider your key points. What are you doing wrong? What steps can you take to ensure you always have the rapt attention of your audience? I'll help you gain confidence and comfort presenting to any sized group. Yes, it truly is possible to become a good public speaker.

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