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Group of Magellanic penguins gather toge

Nonprofit Consulting

What in the world does a trio of Megallanic Penguins have to do with nonprofit consulting? Penguins often do an amazing job of teamwork. Males and females take turns sitting on the egg, then feeding their newly born hatcling. And penguins can be really, really NOISY! Chicks in particular know that if they're going to make it in this world, they have to make their needs well known, which are primarily FEED ME! The baby penguin is telling it's story to its parents. 

How good are you at telling your story?

Does your homepage tell your story? Do you have a video that engages potential donors? Are you asking for money with any contact who comes to your website? And if you are asking for money, why should someone care about your organization? What sets you apart from others?

How do I work?

I need to get to know you, and you need to be comfortable with my style and skills. My first hour of consulting is always free. If you feel like we're a good match, then we'll sit down for futher planning. What is your organization trying to accomplish? We'll work as a team to overcome whatever challenges are preventing your organization's fullest potential. I'll meet various participants in your organization and form a plan. We'll customize steps to grow your organization.

I've worked in and for nonprofits for over 30 years in all types of positions. Chances are, I've faced the same challenges you're now facing. I do not have a "one size fits all" approach. Every nonprofit brings different strengths and challenges. We can only grow your organization through teamwork.

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